Doors for the Become Your Own Best Friend Workshop are now closed  as I focus on supporting my students in giving themselves the love and kindness they need.

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​A little about me!

Who's this being run by? Zariya Lufu. I live in England with my two teens (which is mostly wonderful!). 

I have a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Integral Theory... and training in Psychodrama, Theraplay, and Attachment Family Focused Therapy.

I've done loads of therapy on myself to heal the range of abuse I had in childhood to serve people like you live a life you love!

I'm on a mission to teach the skills of love to those who've been abused or gone through adversity in childhood so they can thrive in love and life as adults...

Love to have you with us on this journey... If you find yourself being harsh to yourself and down in life, I'd love to help you break the cycle and give yourself the love you deserve.

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